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Performance Nutrition

By Kevin Currell

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ISBN: 9781785002229
PUBLISHED: 10/08/2016
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 40 diagrams and 80 tables

Performance Nutrition provides an overview of how nutrition can be used to maximize human performance. Starting with the end in mind, each chapter takes the reader from the science through to the practical application, making the science of sports nutrition accessible.

The book shows how nutrition can be used to:

  • Reduce the risk of injury and illness for athletes
  • Maximize strength gains in the gym
  • Adapt effectively to endurance training
  • Minimise the negative effects of concurrent training
  • Improve competition performance, whether for football or for the Tour de France
  • Lose weight safely and effectively to maximize performance

RRP: £16.99

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E-Book Edition: £14.99 (incl. VAT)

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" Practitioners not specialising in nutrition, but wanting to understand how nutrition can improve performance without delving too deeply into nutritional biochemistry; I would recommend adding this to your reading list. Peter Bonner, Sportscotland Institute of Sport. "
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Reviewed By: The Sport & Exercise Scientist

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