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Airlife's Helicopters & Rotorcraft

By Rod Simpson

ISBN: 9781853109683
PAGES: 240
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm

This book provides an excellent, comprehensive reference to all helicopter types and models built since 1945. A short history of the product development of each manufacturer is given, followed by descriptions of each type, both military and civil are included. Information also includes numbers built and their service and manufacturers designations.

Written by the author of Airlife's excellent General Aviation compendium, this is an equally worthy book which has been long required, not just on current helicopter types, but also covering often forgotten designs of past years. . . Well worth acquiring! - AIR PICTORIAL

. . .covers every rotary-wing manufacturer and its products in fine, yet readable, detail with a wealth of information on the smaller as well as the better-known builders. Of perhaps the greatest interest are its listings of the machines actually produced, these ranging from singles of less successful or experimental types to the massive 5,550 examples constructed of just the UH-1H variant of the Huey.Well worth a place on the enthusiast's bookshelf . . . - AIRWAY

. . . a valuable reference book for anyone interested in rotary wing aircraft and past developments in their manufacture and production. - AEROSPACE INTERNATIONAL

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