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Conditioning for Marathon Runners and Endurance Athletes

By Michael Winch

ISBN: 9781861269010
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 375 black & white photographs 15 tables

Conditioning for Marathon Runners and Endurance Athletes enables marathon runners and athletes to understand the conditioning process, which is essential if they are to maximize their performance results, and also reduce the possibility of injury, which is of considerable importance given the repetitive nature of the events.

A companion book to Strength Training for Athletes and Conditioning for Athletes also published by The Crowood Press.

Covers suppling, core-stability training, circuits and body-weight training Presents detailed descriptions of scores of exercises and includes over 350 photographs to ensure correct technical performance and a full appreciation of how, why and when the exercises should be undertaken Includes information on the physiology of the endurance events and a summary of the testing procedures that can be used to monitor the effectiveness of training, and ensure that schedules are adhered to and that athletes remain motivated Illustrates modifications to basic sessions that can be implemented as the athlete progresses, or encounters injury Provides specific advice designed to help an athlete recover from injury and emphasizes that post-treatment rehabilitation is of vital importance if recovery is to be complete and the possibility of re-occurrence minimized.

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