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Pressure Proof Your Riding

By Daniel Stewart

ISBN: 9781908809209
PUBLISHED: 31/10/2013
PAGES: 232
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 230x190 mm
INSIDE: Colour photographs and cartoons

An integral part of competing in equestrian sports is having to face the performance anxiety that presents itself at competitions.

In this work, author Daniel Stewart explains that the pressure, stress, nerves, distraction, and anxiety come hand in hand with doing what we love to do. It also reminds us that competing in equestrian events is a real sport, and riders are forced to deal with the competitive nature of showing.

Stewart explains that, while riders love to do what they do, this love is sometimes lost in the panic of showing and performing. Stewart then walks the rider through specific tools and tricks to manage and overcome the stress, fear, and anxiety, and shows how to embrace and enjoy every minute of performing with your equine partner. From 'Plan the Ride, and Ride the Plan', to overall mental training, this must-have book is a fantastic tool for any competitor to overcome their show jitters and do their best at every competition, while feeling confident and happy throughout the experience.

RRP: £17.99

Site Price: £14.39

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