The Forgotten Land

By Paul Bedford
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

A hardened frontiersman, known only as Bannock, and his friend Chet Butler are escorting members of a religious sect, the Children of God, through the wastes of Sonora in Northern Mexico. The colonists, eager to be free from persecution, have fled the USA in search of a new home. Unfortunately for the strict pacifists, a band of raiding Comanches finds them first. Following a desperate battle, Bannock flees for his life through the desert. After a tortuous journey, he stumbles, more dead than alive, upon an old Spanish mission, long abandoned by its priests. In their place is a small settlement of poorly armed peons, barely scraping a living, and in permanent fear of Indian marauders. Building a bond with his saviours, Bannock reluctantly decides that he is all done with running, and that whatever terrors the 'Comanche Moon' brings, they will face them together!

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