Stickmaking - The Complete Guide

By Charlie Walker
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260x215 mm
INSIDE: 349 colour photographs

Sticks are essentially practical aides but are also works of art that often become integral to the owner. They have to be strong and reliable, but are beautiful too. This essential book covers all these qualities - it explains the traditional principles and methods of stickmaking, but also celebrates the designs and ideas behind these creations. Written by an award-winning stickmaker, it provides a full account of this age-old craft.

Topics covered include:

  • Materials, equipment and tools required to make a variety of sticks from timber, antler and horn
  • Stick types and shape and suggestions for ideas and inspiration
  • Preparing timber to make handles and shanks - how to cut and collect green timber, and methods of storing and protecting the timber from pests
  • Straightening shanks - how to make simple jigs and equipment to straighten bent sticks
  • Making joints - how to make strong and reliable joints between the handle and the shank, and how to fit a ferrule onto the tip of the stick
  • Advice on exhibiting and competing - tips on what judges will look for

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