Colours of Nature

Sandrine Maugy
Colours of Nature is the perfect companion for anyone who is puzzled by the seemingly unpredictable behaviour of the paints on their palette, as well as those who would like their watercolour paintings to look fresher and livelier. In this new paperback edition, the author has tested more than 150 artists' watercolour paints from six manufacturers, and the results of this exhaustive testing are included here, along with recommendations for the best colours in the palette sections at the end of each chapter. This beautifully illustrated book guides the reader through a world of colours and exquisite flowers and fruit, explaining simple concepts and more advanced colour-mixing theory while exploring the serendipity and beauty of wet-in-wet watercolour painting.
Colours of Nature by Sandrine Maugy

About the author

Sandrine Maugy is a member of the Society of Botanical Artists, the Association of Illustrators and the French Society of Botanical Illustration. She was awarded a Silver Medal by the Royal Horticultural Society. Her work hangs in collections in Europe, Australia and the United States. Sandrine teaches residential courses at the renowned West Dean College, and runs an art blog, and YouTube and Patreon painting channels, with students from all over the world. Her painting style captures the pure, vibrant colours of nature and is infused with dramatic light, giving this traditional style a contemporary twist.

Press Reviews

The book is beautifully presented, with plenty of clear images, striking plant portraits and practical advice.

- Jane Stroud, Leisure Painter