Drawing and Painting Horses

Alison Wilson
Horses may seem to be a challenging subject for an artist, but this book makes equestrian drawing and painting accessible. It explains the fundamental principles of drawing before guiding the reader through the advanced methods of painting a horse. With beautiful illustrations throughout in graphite pencil and oils, this book informs and helps every artist who wants to improve or develop their equestrian work. Topics covered include: an introduction to traditional subjects; drawing materials and methods; working from life; horse anatomy, structure and gaits; exercises in drawing and painting; selecting subjects and using preliminary drawings and sketches.
Drawing and Painting Horses by Alison Wilson

About the author

Alison Wilson trained at the Slade School of Art in London. She worked in the theatre as a scenic artist and later as a teacher of life drawing. Now an artist and illustrator, one of her main subjects is the horse.