Painting and Reinterpreting the Masters

Sara Lee Roberts
For centuries, artists have learnt from the art that came before them. This book explains how to make paint meaningful and imaginative responses to the works of the masters. There are step by step examples to illustrate how to get started and how to use thumbnail pencil sketches. Advice is given on how to make larger and slower drawings, and then oil-sketch copies of the masters' work. The author studies the composition, rhythms and colours of the masters and uses their work as a source to practise and understand paintings, and as a springboard for your own discovery and invention. This book explores how a brave and imaginative use of colour can reinterpret paintings to achieve a greater and more expressive effect. Images from the earliest art to the twentieth century are included to feed your creative imagination, and examples of contemporary interpretations to show you the way. With over two hundred inspiring images, it is a unique guide to developing your own artistic voice while studying and enjoying some of the art world's greatest treasures.
Painting and Reinterpreting the Masters by Sara Lee Roberts

About the author

Sara Lee Roberts is an artist whose work is held in private and public collections around the world. She teaches at the Royal Drawing School and the Wallace Collection in London. Trained as a restorer as well as an artist, she appreciates the wealth of inspiration that can be found in the work of the masters. She believes that artists who respond to the present as well as the past will make art that is truly timeless.