Painting the Mountain Landscape

Eileen Clark
Many artists long to paint mountains - to capture their grandeur, their character and perhaps their tranquility. This practical book explains the key elements of portraying their magnificence and also advises how to reproduce the magic of a scene. With step-by-step instructions and clear, detailed advice throughout, it guides the painter through the techniques so you can express your own vision of the mountains and capture one of the greatest scenes of the natural landscape. The author's deep understanding and love of the mountains shines through the text and the paintings. There is advice on choosing mediums, brushes and surfaces, and using a limited colour palette both for en plein air and studio painting. Incorporates different features of the mountainscape - crags, slopes, rocks, lakes, woodland, cottages, animals and figures - to add life and interest to a painting. The author captures the transient and often dramatic effects of light on the mountain landscape, including the special magic of sunsets. Injects mood into a painting, from the excitement of a sublime storm to a sense of peace and refuge. Specific advice on painting sky, water and trees, and tips on using them in an effective composition. Finally, step-by-step, illustrated and detailed exercises show how to work down from the sky to the foreground, add detail, enrich hues, and increase contrast between light and shade. It is a handy guide for all artists and an inspiration to everyone who loves mountain scenery.
Painting the Mountain Landscape by Eileen Clark

About the author

Eileen Clark is a leading mountain artist known for her ethereal paintings of the Lake District. She has worked for the last 25 years on both commissions and producing paintings for gallery exhibition, latterly in the prestigious Beckstones Gallery, near Penrith. Working on canvas and board, she concentrates on capturing the ever changing moods of the landscape, and is particularly inspired by the timeless quality of the mountains.

Press Reviews

Books on oil painting are relatively thin on the ground and many of them are a lot more general than this. You are therefore likely to approach it with high expectations and it is a pleasure to be able to report that it should certainly meet, perhaps even exceed them. The reproduction is superb, even the full-page images, and details, brushwork and canvas textures are easily visible. The way Eileen works, you will want to look closely and this is possible in every image.

- Henry Malt

In her new book, Painting the Mountain Landscape, Cumbrian-born artist, Eileen Clark shares her experiences with us. A very detailed (25-step) step-by-step demonstration is included, with clear and practical annotations.

- Jane Stroud

The book is very thorough and filled with examples, exercises and demonstrations as well as clear and extended instructions and discussions of approaches and working methods. It’s definitely a worthwhile addition to any landscape artist’s library shelf.

- Henry Malt, reviewer The Artist