Urban Sketching

Isabel Carmona Andreu
Urban sketching is centered on observing and drawing the environment around you, and sharing your drawings with like-minded groups in person and through social media. This book encourages you to get involved by picking up a pen and a sketchbook and trying a range of techniques. It gives advice on composition and how to develop a personal style along with quick exercise ideas in line drawing and demonstrations in colour and paint. Packed with illustrations, this new book is an inspirational handbook that will equip you with the tools and ideas you'll need to embark and thrive on your own unique urban sketching journey. Get hooked on urban sketching, and share your passion for drawing and art with others.
Urban Sketching by Isabel Carmona Andreu

About the author

Isabel Carmona Andreu is an artist and urban sketcher. Her passion is sketching and recording what she observes, creating memories and a record of her life in her sketchbooks. She has taught urban sketching workshops at various international locations and co-founded a number of drawing groups including Pushing your sketching Boundaries and, in her local town, City Arts Newbury.

Press Reviews

Isabel Carmona Andreu’s debut is one of the best, as it shares a wider range of styles and encourages a regular, purposeful approach to drawing everyday life.

- Steve Pill