Prefabricated and Modular Architecture

William Hogan-O'Neill
Prefabricated and Modular Architecture demystifies age-old perceptions surrounding prefabrication and modularization of buildings, offering a fresh approach to design and procurement. Experienced architect, William Hogan-O'Neill, provides a unique insight into why architectural design, manufacturing and assembly processes must coexist in parallel. In order for the architectural profession to have a meaningful existence in the future, it must examine the new opportunities that are emerging through automation and artificial intelligence from within the factory environment, as opposed to the construction site. In addition, the book explores the following topics; core elements defining prefabrication; perceptions and influences; precision, exactness and tolerances; standardization and economies of scale; panelized versus modular buildings as a design solution and, finally, common features, technical considerations and certification.
Prefabricated and Modular Architecture by William Hogan-O'Neill

About the author

William Hogan-O'Neill is a chartered architect with over thirty-five years' experience. As principal of his own architects' practice, HOCA. he has led as a skilled research practitioner in delivering architect-designed prefabricated and modular housing and school and university projects. He is an award winner in prefabricated and modular architecture and regularly gives talks to industry professionals on applying alternative strategies to traditional construction.