Canine Nutrition

Jacqueline Boyd
Explore the world of canine nutrition and learn about feeding your dog with science, sense and sensibility.Canine nutrition is easily one of the most debated topics in the dog world. Canine Nutrition: Food, Feeding and Function aims to help canine caregivers navigate the world of dog food and feeding, and is an essential guide for anyone who lives with dogs and wants to understand more. With a strong grounding in canine and nutritional science, this book introduces the key concepts and foundation knowledge of what dogs need nutritionally. It considers how our relationships with our dogs and our decision-making influences what and how we feed them, and how we can best meet their needs, as well as our own. Practical approaches to supporting canine health, wellbeing and activity through nutrition are examined in a clear and accessible way throughout, whilst also acknowledging the variety of food options that are available to canine caregivers. This is all achieved with a firm evidence base in canine nutritional science.
Canine Nutrition by Jacqueline Boyd

About the author

Dr Jacqueline Boydis passionate about making the world a better place for dogs and their people, through enhancing peoples’ understanding of what dogs really need. Having worked in academia and the animal nutrition industry for over twenty years, Jacqueline currently lectures, coaches and consults on all aspects of canine science, as well as being a regular contributor to the canine press. Living with, working and training her cocker spaniels in a range of canine activities, including agility and gundog work, means that Jacqueline also has a robust understanding of the practical realities of the dog world.

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