Living with Border Collies

Barbara Sykes
Esteemed Border Collie trainer, consultant and authority on the breed, Barbara Sykes, has lived with Border Collies all of her life and has spent the last fifty years training, trialling and rescuing hundreds of dogs. In her sixth book, she explores how Border Collies have been adopted into the family home and how to get the most from your pet dog, without diminishing the unique spirit that attracted you to the breed in the first place. Part One of the book takes you on a journey that began over 200 years ago at the birth of the breed up to the present day. Understanding the history of Border Collies, why they were bred and why they are so diverse, is the key to understanding and managing their instincts. Part Two then explores simple strategies and techniques to balance those instincts within a domestic setting, whilst still having fun with your dog and creating a strong partnership. Key coverage includes: the history of the breed; how coat and eye colour genes impact character; understanding and managing the inherent instincts; health and welfare; the rescue dog in your home; Border Collies and children; lead walking and recall and finally, trouble-shooting problems and setbacks. Although developed with Border Collies in mind, these techniques are applicable to any breed, making an owner’s life easier and a dog’s life happier.
Living with Border Collies by Barbara Sykes

About the author

Barbara Sykes is a consultant in canine behaviour and is a member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. She has spent her life living and working with Border Collies. She is a Trustee and Manager of the Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies rescue and with her daughter Vicki, runs Mainline Border Collie Centre and TLC Training. Barbara is passionate about the breed and dedicated to helping people to understand and preserve the working instincts.

Press Reviews

‘This book could have no better author. Barbara's lifetime of study with the Border Collie has led her to have a unique and unrivalled insight into all aspects of this breed…Filled with interesting anecdotes throughout, this book really is essential reading for anyone considering owning a Border Collie.’
Ross McCarthy MA FCFBA MBIPDT AMBPSCA, Canine Behaviour Practitioner and Trainer, co- founder of DogSEE.

‘I can honestly say that anything Barbara does not know about Border Collies is not worth knowing. This book is a real testament to such a noble breed and is full of history, love, knowledge and wisdom. Whether you are thinking of sharing your life with a collie for the first time, or struggling to cross the kitchen without tripping over one (like me!), it is bursting with riches...’
Dame Ellen MacArthur DBE