Goldwork Embroidery

Lizzy Pye
Goldwork must be the most dramatic of the embroidered arts. The smallest addition of metal thread to a piece of embroidery can lend immediate visual impact, and yet the technique can also be beautifully subtle. A design stitched in goldwork will be rich in texture, shine and sparkle, and metal threads can be combined beautifully with other techniques. Aimed at guiding you through each stitch and technique, and with tips for moving on to your own designs, this book is full of practical instruction. With its high level of detail and over 600 photographs, it will be a treasured companion, whether you are a novice or an experienced embroiderer.
Goldwork Embroidery by Lizzy Pye

About the author

Lizzy Pye is a hand embroiderer based in Hampshire. Since graduating from the Royal School of Needlework, she has taught embroidery extensively around the UK and abroad. She also founded Laurelin Embroidery, which showcases her own range of embroidery kits alongside specialist materials for embroidery.

Press Reviews

I have patiently waited for this book based purely on the promise of something beautiful. And yes, I am delighted to say that it ticks every box. The front cover is enticing but inside it is beautifully laid out and is a very visually pleasing book. Eye watering images of goldwork materials are very useful for both beginner and the more experienced goldworker... and it should be on your bookshelf!

- The Goldwork Guild magazine