Opus Anglicanum

Tanya Bentham
Opus Anglicanum, ‘English work’, was one of the high arts of the Middle Ages, treasured and traded by princes and bishops across Europe. This practical guide explains how just two seemingly simple stitches – split stitch and underside couching – can give extraordinarily complex and sophisticated results that exploit the qualities of silk and gold thread. It introduces new techniques through fourteen projects that progress in difficulty. The book advises on shading, adding detail and authentic use of colour; gives in-depth instruction on stitching faces, hair and hands, as well as wings, animals and landscaping and includes detailed reproductions of original pieces, as well as some with a contemporary twist. The book concentrates on the heyday of Opus Anglicanum, from the twelfth century to the fourteenth, when mastery of this art was at its height.
Opus Anglicanum by Tanya Bentham

About the author

Tanya Bentham is a well-respected tutor, demonstrator and embroiderer, who specializes in
medieval needlework.

Press Reviews

Tanya Bentham covers everything in detail – from materials and tools, to embroidering with silk thread (drawing upon the original techniques used by Medieval stitchers). The result is a comprehensive guide to creating your own Medieval stitched masterpiece.

- Textile Art Magazine - Embroidery

This book is a 'Must-Have' for medieval-inspired embroiderers.

- Anne Webber, Book Threads reviewer