Tambour Beading

Hannah Mansfield
Tambour Beading is an in-depth guide to basic and more complex tambour techniques. It begins with the tambour chain stitch and then explains how to apply beads and sequins with the tambour hook. With over one thousand sumptuous illustrations and clear thorough instructions, this practical book is an essential companion for beginners and an inspiration for more experienced embroiderers. Advice on how to choose the best materials, how to tension your fabric and how to get started. Three practice projects combine into one design to help you master the tambour chain stitch and apply beads and sequins. Detailed information on tambour beading designs include choosing colours, selecting materials and drawing designs. Seven final projects demonstrate the many applications of tambour beading and range in complexity from a simple design of a tweed cushion to an ambitious piece of summer flowers.
Tambour Beading by Hannah Mansfield

About the author

HANNAH MANSFIELD is an award-winning hand embroiderer who specialises in tambour beading and goldwork. Her work uses traditional techniques in a modern context, and her designs typically feature botanical themes. As well as working to commission, Hannah teaches hand embroidery and is a tutor for Chanel and The Prince’s Foundation’s Métiers D’Art Fellowship.

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