Plants, Potions and Oils for Horses

Chris Dyer
Plants, Potions and Oils for Horses takes a new look at some old remedies, together with some contemporary alternative therapies to offer the horse owner some simple but safe treatments for common horse ailments. Topics covered in this new book include: herbal remedies; treatments from the kitchen; traditional treatments and aromatherapy.
Plants, Potions and Oils for Horses by Chris Dyer

About the author

Chris Dyer has worked around horses for most of his life. As a young man he learnt a lot from older horsemen (whom he affectionately calls 'Old Boys') who showed him what nature had to offer and how it could be put to use. Through his love of horses, he has got to know many Gypsies, who have shared with him their traditional cures that had been handed down through generations. Chris has trained Arabian racehorses and pre trained Thoroughbreds, and lived in Africa for several years where he organized the setting up of a wildlife reserve, learning a great deal more about natural remedies. He is passionate about his subject, which has earned him the nickname 'The Mad Scientist' among some of his friends in the horse world.