Life Drawing on the iPad

Julian Vilarrubi
Artists have always looked for new ways of making images and today's technology offers a whole range of exciting possibilities. The practical book shows you how an Apple iPad and stylus can transform the way you paint and draw the human figure. As an accessible and convenient device, the iPad can stimulate the practical materials you know whilst discovering and exploring further possibilities to bring our subject and ideas to life. Combining the skills of rendering the human figure with the potential of the iPad, this book is a must-have for all artists new to this medium and all iPad owners keen to start painting the body.
Life Drawing on the iPad by Julian Vilarrubi

About the author

Julian Vilarrubi trained at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the Royal Academy, London; he is an award-winning artist known for his landscape paintings in oils and acrylics. In recent years he has focused on working from the figure using an iPad. He lives in Brighton where he works in his studio, undertakes commissions and teaches drawing and painting.