Horse's Muscles in Motion

Sara Wyche
New in paperback for 2022, this book aims to show how – and why- the horses muscles work and explains how this knowledge can be put to good use in all aspects of horse care and riding. Using her own careful anatomical drawings, Sara Wyche studies the skeleton, the action of the muscles, and the role of the nervous system before applying this information to various riding situations. The demands placed on the horses systems in dressage, jumping, eventing, racing and even polo are all examined, with advice on how good riding practice can help avoid problems. With the knowledge of the horses anatomy gained in this book, the rider will better understand what is being asked of the horse, and how to achieve it with sympathetic riding and horse care, making this an essential manual for all riders.
Horse's Muscles in Motion by Sara Wyche

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About the author

Sara Wyche is a qualified veterinary surgeon and a highly experienced practitioner of holistic medicine, as well as a horse owner and an accomplished dressage rider. She is a regular contributor to the equestrian press, and her previous books include The Horse Owner's Guide to Holistic Medicine, Understanding the Horse's Legs and the highly acclaimed Understand the Horse's Back (all published by Crowood).

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