Gardener's Guide to Propagation Techniques

Nikki Barker
Plant propagation is an economical, rewarding and sustainable way to increase your plant stock and develop your horticultural skills. A Gardener’s Guide to Propagation Techniques is a comprehensive, practical guide to the various methods of propagation suitable for a wide range of trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, bulbs and tender plants. Chapters cover seeds, cuttings, layering, division, grafting, bulbs and even micropropagation, as well as providing an extensive list of plants that are suitable for each method, rating them from easy to difficult. Lavishly illustrated with photographs by Serge Barker, Rob Jackson, Palmstead Nurseries, Andy Vernon and C.J. Waters, the book includes: step-by-step photographic guides to the different propagation techniques; advice on selecting the right plant material, at the right time; help with deciding on the best method for different plants; guidance on choosing the appropriate propagation environment and aftercare of the material, and finally an overview of pest and disease challenges.
Gardener's Guide to Propagation Techniques by Nikki Barker

About the author

Nikki Barker MHort (RHS)began her career in horticulture at Oxford Botanic Gardens over thirty-five years ago and has worked in many areas of the horticultural industry, including commercial nurseries, retail, landscaping, research trials of both ornamental and food crops and teaching, both in the UK and around the world. Nikki is currently the Senior Horticultural Advisor at the Royal Horticultural Society.

Press Reviews

Nikki is passionate about propagating plants. Her vast practical, academic and advisory experience is captured and distilled in this easy-to-read, essential guide for gardeners.

- Claire Lakey, RHS

There are a lot of worthy resources available discussing plant propagation. This book, however, offers a fresh perspective, as rather than taking a general approach, the author narrows down the best technique and environment required for individual plant species to achieve commercial success in propagation. This wouldn’t be possible without Nikki Barker’s vast knowledge of ornamental/crop plants and skill in propagating them, as well as her experience teaching and training the next generation of horticulturists. Plant propagation and people with proper skill is becoming immensely important again and this book addresses this issue directly.

- Dr Kambiz Baghalian – Senior Lecturer in Crop Production and MSc Course Manager, Writtle University College

Drawing on her years of experience in different roles across the industry, Nikki Barker breathes fresh air into the subject of propagation with this truly informative and engaging book - a must-read for all gardeners. Adam Blunt MHort (RHS) MLPI, CHort – Horticultural Training Manager, Commonwealth War Graves Commission