David Kerr
It’s almost impossible to overstate the benefits of creating a well-planned pond in your garden or field. This detailed and practical guide will give the novice and experienced gardener alike a straightforward explanation of how to plan, construct and plant a thriving pond, avoiding common problems and establishing a haven for wildlife.
Ponds by David Kerr

About the author

David Kerrhas been running Devon Pond Plants for over twenty years, growing and retailing aquatic plants. Prior to this, he studied Zoology followed by a master’s in Fish Biology, before building and managing a trout and ornamental fish farm, further specialising in Japanese koi and pond construction. As such, he has a wide range of practical experience of pond keeping issues and a deep understanding of the factors involved in creating successful ponds.

Press Reviews

There certainly are plenty of mistakes the would-be pond digger can make, and Kerr has made them all, so you don't have to. In short, Kerr's book really is an extremely practical guide, follow his advise and you won't go far wrong.

- Ken Thompson, Professional Gardeners' Guild