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A comprehensive guide to growing tulips from bulbs, with expert advice on the most rewarding varieties. A Gardener’s Guide to Tulips is a practical guide helping growers understand the tulip’s lifecycle and ensure success in its cultivation. Alongside practical advice, the book also includes wider information for interested growers and admirers of tulips. With over 300 photos, a wealth of varieties and planting situations are considered, as well as case studies of gardens where tulips have been used to great effect. It will interest experienced gardeners and inspire those who may not have attempted to grow these beautiful plants before.
Readers will find information on: Taxonomy and types, Cultivating and caring for tulips, Propagation and breeding, Designing with tulips in the garden, Tulip varieties, both current and past selections, Gardens and places of interest for tulips, What can be learnt from commercial growing, The fascinating history of tulips.
Tulips by Matthew Smith Grete Smith

About the author

Matthew Smith runs Brighter Blooms, a plant nursery in Preston, Lancashire. After getting his BSc Degree in Horticulture in 2002, Matthew gained experience in the industry at a local nursery before starting his own nursery in 2010 and becoming an exhibitor at various RHS and independent flower shows. Matthew was awarded the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2022 for his Zantedeschia display, awarded for the best exhibit in the Great Pavilion. 

Grete Smith also trained in horticulture and remains a keen gardener, horticulture experimenter and reliable sounding board for Matthew’s business, providing strategic oversight and design support.

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