Drawing and Painting Dinosaurs

Emily Willoughby
People of all ages are fascinated by dinosaurs. Though their huge skeletons are an impressive sight, much of our sense of childlike wonder comes from artistic depictions of them in books, museum murals and popular culture. This book is about how such ‘paleoart’ is created, and the process of integrating scientific findings with artistic principles to produce accurate, expressive and arresting artworks of dinosaurs and the world they
lived in. Drawing and Painting Dinosaurs explores the anatomy and ecology of different types of dinosaurs including Deinonychus, Apatosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex. It demonstrates how to interpret paleontological research through the lens of an artistic depiction with examples. There are over 250 illustrations feature pencil drawings, gouache, oil paint, and digital media. Step-by-step projects demonstrate the use of both traditional and digital media, the use of unique techniques and sources of reference, and building up dinosaur anatomy from basic shapes. Finally, it gives insight into how paleoart can be a means to advance knowledge through scientific analysis and prediction. With explorations of dinosaur anatomy, unique techniques for reference and a series of how-to instructions, this book will guide an aspiring paleoartist in learning how to breathe life into the past through art.
Drawing and Painting Dinosaurs by Emily Willoughby

About the author

Emily Willoughby is a paleoartist, author, instructor and postdoctoral researcher based at
the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in the United States. Her paleoartworks have been
featured in books and museums around the world.

Press Reviews

Though I could not paint or draw a dinosaur if my life depended on it, I never tire of reading about palaeoart. What a treat, then, that Crowood Press revisits this subject with this book by US palaeoartist Emily Willoughby. I am mightily impressed and it should be obvious that this book is invaluable to both aspiring and seasoned palaeoartists.

- Inquisitive Biologist reviewer