Painting and Understanding Abstract Art

John Lowry
Painting and Understanding Abstract Art is a practical book on how to paint abstracts but it also explains how to approach and understand abstract art. It moves the teaching of art from a doing level of painting a certain subject in a particular medium to a thinking level of 'what am I doing when I paint?' and 'what am I trying to say in this painting?' Using practical exercises with explanatory text, John Lowry develops the thinking and doing processes together and leads the reader to a greater understanding and appreciation of this most exciting art genre.

Advice on moving from figurative painting towards abstraction

Tools to abstraction explained - simplifying and exaggerating; eliminating curves and straights; changing colours, lines and items ; emphasising positive and negative shapes; and using contrast

Practical exercises to help develop your own style and understand the techniques of the masters

Overview of the lives and times of artists involved in the stage-by-stage evolution from realism to abstraction
Painting and Understanding Abstract Art by John Lowry

About the author

John Lowry is a professional painter and a Master of Fine Art. His analytical approach to art is based on his scientific and engineering background. He teaches regularly throughout the UK.