Painting Birds in Watercolour

Liz Chaderton
This practical book explains how to capture the character of various species of bird, without getting caught up in the detail. It celebrates everything that watercolour can offer as a medium when painting these fascinating creatures. It is not a field guide but instead offers a path towards understanding the behaviour and structure of birds to be able to paint their character. Topics covered include: advice on materials and getting started with watercolour; personal observation and drawing from life; looking at the features of birds and how to capture their behaviour; examples from major bird groups, including domestic fowl, birds of prey and songbirds, and finally step-by-step demonstrations of watercolour techniques.
Painting Birds in Watercolour by Liz Chaderton

About the author

Liz Chaderton is a professional artist based in Berkshire. She enjoys exploring all water-based media and shares her discoveries through workshops and writing. This is her third book for Crowood

Press Reviews

Based on the premise that good art is founded on good observation, Liz encourages you to sketch what you see wherever you are. Basic watercolour techniques, as well as ideas for more experienced watercolourists are included along with plenty of step by step demonstrations and of course, the book is full of Liz's delightful watercolours of birds. Whether you read it from cover to cover or dip into it, Liz provides you with the tools and ideas to turn your observations into paintings.