Hedges and Hedgelaying

Murray Maclean
In recent years there has been a much greater appreciation of the enormous contribution that hedges make to the countryside. Today, their beauty, their ability to provide wind protection and contain livestock, their environmental importance and their significance as a wildlife habitat, are all widely recognized. Not surprisingly, this transformation in the way we view hedges has, in turn, produced a welcome revival in the ancient craft of hedgelaying.

Whether you own hedges, are thinking of growing them, or just have an interest in hedgerows this fascinating, well-illustrated book will be of value to you. Hedges and Hedgelaying - A Guide to Planting, Management and Conservation contains of wealth of practical information and covers:

The selection of hedgerow shrubs and trees and the associated significance of soil types and topography.

The planting of hedges and the necessary preparation work.

The use of trees int he hedgerow and the value of field margins.

Weed, pest and disease control, and hedge cutting, maintenance and protection.

The craft of hedgelaying and the tools and processes involved.
Hedges and Hedgelaying by Murray Maclean

About the author

Murray Maclean completed a horticultural course at Writtle College in Essex before buying a fruit and vegetable farm. His involvement in growing of trees led to hedge planting on his own land. Murray is now an established grower of hedgerow trees and shrubs. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Agricultural Societies for this theses on the production of trees and shrubs.

Resident - Oxfordshire