Andrew Lear Margaret Lear
How to create and manage an orchard of any size, without costing the Earth. Whether you are a beginner or a practised orchardist, this book contains everything you need to know about how, when and why practical tasks should be carried out to establish a productive orchard, vibrant with wildlife. Whereas traditional orcharding has often focussed solely on productivity, the authors encourage a more sustainable approach, with consideration to wider habitats and the changing climate.
Coverage includes: Choosing the best sites and fruit varieties, The importance of pollinators, predators and biodiversity, All about restricted forms – espaliers, stepovers, cordons and fans, Getting pruning right – and at the right time, Grafting explained, Orchard abundance – how not to be overwhelmed at harvest time, Managing fruit tree pests and diseases without toxic chemicals, Orchard lore and traditions
Orchards by Andrew Lear Margaret Lear

About the author

Andrew Lear is a professional horticulturist and arborist, with a lifetime career in gardens, landscaping and nurseries behind him. Latterly, he has specialised in the production of fruit trees in his own nursery, as well as running courses and workshops for community groups across Scotland. 

Margaret Lear has always worked in education or horticulture, frequently combining the two. She has run her own nursery and, until recently, worked in partnership with Andrew especially on the educational side of the business. She is a writer, forager, organic gardener and environmental campaigner. 

Press Reviews

This is a very useful book for anyone interested in growing fruit trees. I suspect it is one that you will want to put little slips of paper or page markers into for quick reference over a number of years.

- Chris Simmonds, October Northern Fruit Group newsletter

Full of nuggets of information betraying extensive knowledge, long-term hands-on experience and a genuine love for the craft. Importantly they provide tools for growers to think and arrive at their own conclusions. It’s an excellent introduction for newcomers and an enjoyable read for time-served orchardists alike.

- Jim Aplin, The Organic Grower

Orchards is a pleasure to handle. It is well laid-out with every point well illustrated by photos and sketches. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I was pleased to see that this was a robust, compact hardback, ideal for taking out into your orchard or forest garden to consult on pruning techniques or disease symptoms.

- Alan Carter, Reforesting Scotland.