Thatches and Thatching

Marjorie Sanders Roger Angold
Thatches and Thatching examines the building industry's response to thatching issues, and its achievements in bringing the craft of thatching into the twenty-first century. It shows how it has secured a sustainable and viable future for thatch, without compromising tradition. The book examines key issues in thatched property management and maintenance: Understanding and managing the risk of fire in thatch:- Preventing thatch fires is the biggest single challenge facing the survival of historic thatch, and the number of devastating fires in listed properties continues to increase year by year. Not only is this a large financial burden, it represents an irretrievable loss of heritage. Raw materials supplies:- Measures are being adopted to allow sustainable growth and sourcing of straw varieties and reed, but seventy-five percent of water reed thatch is imported. Modern harvesting and storage methods:- Examines strategies and innovations by landowners to keep the economics of growing thatching straw competitive with land pressures for bio-fuels and other specialist crops. Managing owner expectations:- The current generation of thatch owners has high expectations for the longevity and appearance of their thatch that are not always realistic. The book provides well-researched explanations for the owner of the dynamics of thatch, and how to deal with the most common problems. New buildings and thatch:- A renaissance in thatch popularity has lead to an increase in the number of thatched buildings on new developments. Good design provides an opportunity for modern craftsmen to put their own mark along the thatching time-line and at the same time take out the risks associated with fire.
Thatches and Thatching by Marjorie Sanders Roger Angold

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About the author

Marjorie Sanders and Roger Angold have between them two lifetimes' worth of experience in botany and cereal science. For the last twenty years Roger and Marjorie have been active in both academic and practical research into thatch longevity including the major causes, management and controls of fires in thatch. In 2002, they established Pyxis CSB Limited, which provides independent advice to thatch owners and consultancy services to the National Society of Master Thatchers Ltd on all technical issues associated with thatch.