The Cattle Keeper's Veterinary Handbook

Chris Watson
Disease is an inevitable everyday risk for all those who keep cattle and very often it has a huge impact on the animal's welfare, as well as its productivity. This clearly written and easy-to-understand book covers the principal diseases and conditions that occur in cattle and is essential reading for all those who own, or care for, cattle.

Enables the reader to clearly identify all the common cattle diseases

Presents a practical, step-by-step description of how to examine an animal

Examines all the body systems and the important diseases associated with each one

Details the underlying processes involved in many common diseases in order to facilitate a logical approach to their treatment and prevention

Helps the stockperson to decide whether they can treat a sick animal themselves or need to seek professional advice
The Cattle Keeper's Veterinary Handbook by Chris Watson

About the author

Chris Watson MA VetMB MRCVS is a veterinary surgeon who has spent all of his working life in cattle practice. This has mostly involved working with dairy cows and has taken him through many of the intensive dairy areas of England including Gloucester where he has worked since 1979 in the Wood Veterinary Group. He has been a long-serving member of the British Cattle Veterinary Association. Chris continues to spend a considerable amount of time writing and teaching practical cattle medicine, as well as developing practical health initiatives for dairy herds. Resident - Gloucester