The Domestic Duck

Chris and Mike Ashton
Most domesticated ducks are descended from the wild mallard and over the centuries many different breeds have been created. They have been kept as pets, or for their ornamental value, or have been farmed for their meat, eggs and down. In The Domestic Duck, Chris and Mike Ashton explain how these breeds have been developed and how to look after them.
The Domestic Duck by Chris and Mike Ashton

About the author

Dr Chris Ashton and Mike Ashton specialize in rearing pure breeds of ducks and geese and have developed their stock over the last twenty-eight years. They are among the top waterfowl breeders in the UK, are judges in all sections of waterfowl, and have won the main waterfowl awards at the championship shows over many years. They gained the British Waterfowl Association 'Exhibitor of the Year' award in 1987 and each year between 1996 and 1999. Chris is the author of Domestic Geese [Crowood 1999] and she and Mike have both contributed regularly to Smallholder, Country Smallholding and Fancy Fowl magazines, and have written books on Indian Runners and duck colour breeding. Resident - Powys, Wales