Mary Cooper
For centuries, fans have been used to keep cool, hide behind and even communicate. Made from a variety of different materials in innumerable styles, from simple utilitarian fan to the beautifully ornate, they have long fascinated fashionistas the world over. Now they are often collectors’ items, with many commanding high prices at auction. Starting with a brief history of the fan, Fans then moves on to look at the many fan styles and fashion trends. It explains the terminology used for shapes and materials, illustrating how new inventions led to more versatility for fan makers. It them finishes with a look at more practical matters, such as how to clean and store your fan collection and where to research the origins of your fans. Including over 250 stunning photographs, most of which have never before been published, this book gives a helping hand to both the fan novice and the experienced collector alike, making this beautiful and informative volume essential reading for all fan lovers.
Fans by Mary Cooper

About the author

Mary Cooper has been a UK antiques dealer since 1981. She started by collecting and dealing in antique lace, embroideries, costume and textiles. However, the first time she spotted an antique fan with a lace leaf, she was hooked! Her own collection then concentrated on mainly 19th-century lace fans. Art Nouveau and Deco are also favourite periods, and as well as the clothing and accessories, her collection extended to fans. Over the years Mary has mounted specialist exhibitions, written articles for the Fan Collecting Associations, given specialist lectures and latterly become a consultant for auction houses. She recently returned to the UK from Annecy in France and now lives in North Yorkshire with her long-suffering husband and three much loved cats.

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