Our Village Ancestors

Helen Osborn
This book will be a source of help for anybody researching their farming and countryside ancestors in England. Looked at through the lens of rural life, and specifically the English village, it provides advice and inspiration on placing rural people into their geographic and historical context. It covers the time from the start of parish registers in the Tudor world, when most of our ancestors worked on the land, until the beginning of the twentieth century, when many had moved to the towns. Helen Osborn demonstrates how genealogical records are integral to their place of origin and can be illuminated using local newspaper reports, and the work of local historians. She explores the stories of people who lived in the countryside in the past, as told by the documents that record them, both rich and poor. The book will be particularly valuable to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of their family history, rather than simply collecting names on the tree.
Our Village Ancestors by Helen Osborn

About the author

Helen Osborn has worked as a professional genealogist and historical researcher since 1998. She is a member of AGRA and has been a consultant on the popular TV series Who Do You Think You Are? Helen was previously a business archivist at Young's Brewery in Wandsworth and was co-founder of online genealogy course provider Pharos Tutors. She is the author of Genealogy: Essential Research Methods, (Robert Hale), and has written three other books about public houses and brewing history.