The Guitar Repair Book

James Lister
It has been estimated that there are over 700 million guitars in the world. Every one of these will at least need some maintenance in its lifetime, and a large proportion will need repairing. Many of these guitars will be discarded or left to collect dust, never to be played again. Players will not be aware that their playing experience can be enhanced by improving the condition of their instrument. Even cosmetic repairs may help to encourage a player to pick up their guitar and practise. Many of the procedures covered can be tackled by anyone with some aptitude for working with their hands, whilst others will require a greater level of skill and practice. Each task in the book is assigned a level of difficulty ranging from ‘Easy’ to ‘Moderate’ to ‘Challenging.’ Each procedure is accompanied by detailed photographs and diagrams. While it would be impractical to include every single variation of repair that might be required for an acoustic guitar, the book covers all of the common repairs and many more. Practice of all of the techniques covered will, in time, enable you to cope with almost any repair job you encounter.

James Lister has a well-deserved reputation as a maker and repairer, and the book draws on this wealth of experience to present the reader with clear, logical text, explanatory drawings, and many excellent colour photographs that show the sequence of steps for each job, leaving no room for uncertainty. The Guitar Repair Book is a welcome addition to the guitar aficionado’s bookshelf.
– Roy Courtnall
The Guitar Repair Book by James Lister

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About the author

JAMES LISTERhas been making and repairing guitars since 2001. He first studied luthiery at London Guildhall University and then at Newark College. James' speciality is classical guitars, but he also makes and repairs steel-string and electric guitars. He is the head tutor at Newark College in the UK and spends two days a week teaching the construction and repair of acoustic guitars. James has produced a DVD and an online course instructing guitar makers on French polishing. He is a regular contributor to a number of guitar forums and social media groups that advise on making and repairing guitars. When not building, repairing, teaching, or writing about them, James occasionally finds time to play the guitar as well. He also enjoys hill walking locally in the Peak District and further afield.

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