Narrow Boat Engine Maintenance and Repair

Stephanie L Horton
When owning a narrow boat, or any engine-powered vessel, it is vital to ensure that the engine is kept in good working order. Narrow Boat Engine Maintenance and Repair is a practical guide to help keep your engine operational, and your boat moving. It also provides instruction on how to identify faults and, where possible, how to fix them. With its focus on diesel engine operation, and the systems found on most vessels, this is a useful resource for any boat owner. It provides practical guidance to undertake everyday maintenance on your diesel engine; it demonstrates how to complete a service and locate and resolve common faults; explains the theory required to understand each of the boat's main systems and shares the practical skills and techniques that engineers spend many years learning. Highly illustrated with 264 colour step-by-step photographs and 60 technical diagrams.
Narrow Boat Engine Maintenance and Repair by Stephanie L Horton

About the author

Stephanie Horton is a chartered engineer, and Managing Director of River Canal Rescue, the UK's only national marine breakdown company. She graduated from Loughborough University in 2000 with a degree in Electro-Mechanical Power Engineering, where she was awarded the Sir William Siemens medal for undergraduate excellence in engineering. Managing a network of engineers, her experience of working with a wide range of engine types, and her understanding of the unique challenges encountered on the inland waterways, have provided the ideal background for this book.