Engraving and Enamelling

Phil Barnes
The exquisite colours of enamelling have been the choice of kings for centuries. This book explains the rich traditions of the magnificent technique of champleve, which combines the skills of engraving and enamelling. Champleve is a technique of enamelling requiring the creation of a cell into which enamel is then applied. Celebrating fifty years of working as a master craftsman, Phil Barnes gives a unique insight into all aspects of the process. He explains the techniques of engraving in preparation for enamelling, and then looks at enamels and how to work with them to create a piece, through to the final polishing and finishing.
Engraving and Enamelling by Phil Barnes

About the author

Phil Barnes started life as an enameller and engraver in 1967. He has worked for some of the country's leading jewellers, goldsmiths and silversmiths. In 1971 he was the youngest recipient of the Jacques Cartier 'Craftsman of the Year' award. He has trained three apprentices over his fifty-plus years as a full-time professional engraver and enameller. Having worked as a freelance enameller for the major part of his career, he now designs and makes his own pieces, which can be found in private collections around the world.