Soldering for Jewellers

Rebecca Skeels
Soldering is one of the most commonly used processes in jewellery, but its potential is often overlooked. This practical book explains the basics of the method but goes on to suggest ways in which soldering can be used to explore ideas and produce unique pieces. Topics covered include further applications such as silver soldering; sweat soldering; soldering small items, attaching fixings and findings, stick feeding and advanced techniques. Written both for beginners and for those wishing to extend their knowledge, Soldering for Jewellers will inspire a more creative use of this key process.
Soldering for Jewellers by Rebecca Skeels

About the author

Rebecca Skeels is a respected jeweller and metalsmith. Her exciting designs combine materials and making processes in innovative ways. She teaches at the University for the Creative Arts, and sits on the board of directors for the Association for Contemporary Jewellery.