Watch - An Illustrated Guide to its History and Mechanism

John Cronin
The watch has a long and fascinating history, from a fifteenth-century status symbol of the rich and powerful to the mass-produced everyday timepiece of modern times. This book describes the main technical developments across a 500-year timespan, from the beginnings in Germany and France, through the golden age of English horology in the 18th century, to the development of modern factory production in America and Switzerland. It also sets out to give the general reader and collector a grasp of the key technological developments in watch and sets the lives of the inventors and artisans in the context of the social and economic history of their times. With over 290 photographs and 3D diagrams, this book includes an extensive listing and history of watch brands and manufacturers to assist in identification along with a useful glossary of terms.
Watch - An Illustrated Guide to its History and Mechanism by John Cronin

About the author

John Cronin served a traditional apprenticeship as a watchmaker and, after winning several awards, was elected a Fellow of the British Horological Institute (BHI). After fifteen years in the watch and jewellery business he gained a history degree and teaching qualifications, starting a twenty-year career teaching history in a large comprehensive school. Taking early retirement from teaching, his fascination in timepieces led to a business in horological conservation. In 1994 he was the winner of the Artist Craftsman competition of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers and was awarded a Fellowship by Gift of this ancient company. Since then, he has been involved with the Institute of Conservation (ICON) and the BHI, helping to promote standards in professional conservation. He has had published several articles in the British Horological Journal and a book The Marine Chronometer (Crowood).

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