A Search for Collection

Paul Belasik
At the core of this book is a series of 'state of the art' experiments in which the author participated, designed to establish whether certain classical ideas about true collection could be scientifically proved. Discussion of the results leads into an exploration of how working towards collection informs the progression of training and the way in which the exercises are implemented. This pursuit of collection is likely to take a purer form if it is motivated by artistic values rather than by the rider's ego. In this fascinating and thoughtful book, the author urges readers to focus on their own individuality, rather than being motivated or misled by external pressures; to 'collect' or 'centre' themselves, as they work towards a similar state with their horses.
A Search for Collection by Paul Belasik

About the author

Paul Belasik is a highly respected international rider, trainer, writer and teacher, and avowed proponent of classical equestrian ideals. He has ridden and trained at every level in dressage, from young horses to beyond Grand Prix. His training methods focus not only on the practical, physical point of view, but also have a keen eye toward the artistic, scientific, and philosophical components of horsemanship as well. He is the author of several books including Exploring Dressage Techniques, (also published by J.A. Allen), Riding Toward the Light and Dressage for the 21st Century.