Barefoot Horse Keeping

Anni Stonebridge Jane Cumberlidge
Barefoot Horse Keeping provides a practical, accessible and objective guide to barefoot horse keeping. The book draws on empirical research and the authors' twenty-five years experience delivering barefoot hoof care, saddle fitting, behavioural training and rider coaching. Topics covered include: the Barefoot philosphy; the herd and the environment; hoof trimming; diet and nutrition and equine anatomy and biomechanics.
Barefoot Horse Keeping by Anni Stonebridge Jane Cumberlidge

About the author

Anni Stonebridge has a background in psychology and healthcare, is certified by the UK Natural Horse care Professionals organization, is a qualified saddler and approved saddle fitter for Lavinia Mitchell Saddles, and has extensive experience in behavioural training and coaching.
Jane Cumberlidge has a background in practice-led research, is a School of Barehoof Strategy UK certified Hoof Care Professional and approved saddle fitter for Lavinia Mitchell Saddles. Providing individual, planned and integrated hoof care, Anni and Jane are members of Barefootworks, the UK's oldest independent hoof care co-operative in support of industry regulation.