Biomechanics for the Equestrian

Debbie Rolmanis
Do you struggle with pain, a lack of mobility, or a position in the saddle that just won't improve? Do you ever feel like you cannot find the right exercise routine to help your body and your riding, let alone fit it into your busy schedule? Biomechanics for the Equestrian wil show you how to prepare your body for life in and out of the saddle by changing the way you move throughout the day. Discover what is causing your lower back pain or the stiffness in your hips and learn how you can move yourself away from discomfort and towards performance, without having to find extra time in your day. Key topics covered include: the physiology of movement; understanding your body; the riding connection; alignment; expansion breathing; mobilization; strengthening and integrating exercises into a busy day. Working with the mechanics of the human body and how we were all designed to move, you will learn how to build a sustainable and functional body that can sit in the saddle with comfort, strength and balance.
Biomechanics for the Equestrian by Debbie Rolmanis

About the author

Debbie Rolmanis is a Human and Equine Sports Therapist and Movement Educator. Having run her performance consultancy business in New Zealand for twelve years, she moved back to the UK in 2016 and is now looking after amateur and elite clients in Europe and the UK. Debbie has ridden and trained with Grand Prix dressage riders in Germany, America and the UK and worked in the Health Team for the New Zealand Para Equestrian Team in London 2012 and at WEG 2014. She also undertook the role of Soft Tissue Therapist on behalf of Team GB at London 2012.

Press Reviews

" The message of this book is uplifting and encouraging. I have read several books on 'bodywork' of various sorts for riders but this is probably the one that has really enabled me to understand the various processes involved in the everyday movements we make and where so many of us are going wrong. "

- Tracking Up