Lungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling

Claire Lilley
Schooling the horse is not just about riding - many problems or misunderstandings between horse and rider can, and should be, sorted out on the ground before attempting to ride at all. This book explains how to school your horse from the ground, starting with fundamental techniques, and gives progressive exercises to work through. It explains the importance of stretching work, how to establish a correct outline, and how to build strength and suppleness. Remedial work is also included to improve crookedness, unbalance, and stiffness, for example. Also covered is the use of training aids where necessary, and schooling over ground poles and cavaletti, as well as jumping the horse on the lunge.

Observing your horse working without a rider gives you valuable insight as to the correctness of his paces, how his muscle development can be improved, and his general attitude and willingness. When your horse is moving beautifully on his own, there is no reason why he cannot do the same with you in the saddle.
Lungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling by Claire Lilley

About the author

As a freelance trainer, Claire Lilley runs regular courses in the UK and Sweden, specialising in competition and remedial training for all disciplines. She competes on her two horses in dressage at advanced level and in dressage to music.