Designing and Making Glass Jewellery

Mirka Janeckova
Glass can add an unusual and ethereal quality to a piece of jewellery. Its transparency, colour and unpredictability make glass a unique material to work with, but it also presents its own challenges. This book introduces the techniques of working with glass to jewellers, and explains how to decide which is the most suitable approach for your design. It covers specific properties of glass, tips for design and ideas for assembling a piece. Hot forming - includes fusing, casting and pate de verre, as well as lampworking. Cold forming - explains how to shape a piece of glass and then bond pieces together Decorative - explains how to embellish your pieces, from painting to photography transfers and metal leaf inclusions. It is a practical guide but, with a wealth of stunning finished pieces, and also provides inspiration for jewellers of all experiences.
Designing and Making Glass Jewellery by Mirka Janeckova

About the author

Mirka Janeckova is a respected jeweller who specializes in the lost-wax casting technique, and uses porcelain and glass in her pieces. Trained at the Royal College of Art, she now works and teaches in Edinburgh.

Press Reviews

I would highly recommend Designing and Making Glass as a 'go to' reference book for beginner glass makers and jewellers.

- Nicky Lawrence