Art Deco Knits

Jemima Bicknell
The jazz age of the 1920s and 1930s is a particularly inspiring period in fashion design, well-known for its intricately embellished fabrics and elegant detail. Art Deco Knits aims to inspire the modern knitter who wishes to create a vintage-inspired wardrobe, or simply add a touch of Art Deco glamour to their knitting. Featuring valuable information on styles and silhouettes, fabrics and finishing techniques, this beautifully illustrated book celebrates the joy to be found in creating knitwear inspired by this most popular of eras, when fashion and self-expression became accessible to more women than ever before. Topics covered include tips on choosing yarns and adapting patterns to fit an Art Deco aesthetic; a collection of Art Deco-inspired stitch patterns; beading and embroidery techniques for creating uniquely embellished knitted fabrics and finally, finishing tips and techniques. Nine original patterns are included, each inspired by a particular facet of 1920s or 1930s style.
Art Deco Knits by Jemima Bicknell

About the author

Jemima Bicknell is a knitting and crochet designer, specializing in vintage-inspired designs. Having cultivated a lifelong interest in arts and crafts from an early age, her career in the knitting business began in the London-based knitting shop Loop. Being surrounded by beautiful yarn and talented knitters fuelled her passion and encouraged her to build a career out of this simple but magical craft. Always fascinated by history and costume, she finds endless inspiration in the fashions of the past and the knitter's ability to create unique and beautiful clothing, straight from the imagination.