Introducing Traditional Bedfordshire Lace in 20 Lessons

Barbara M Underwood
Traditional Bedfordshire lace, with its wonderful designs for flowers, leaf sprays and grounds, has a growing appeal for the modern lace-maker. After the success of her pioneering instruction book, Traditional Bedfordshire Lace, for the experience lace-maker, Barbara Underwood now offers a graded course essential for the newcomer to Bedfordshire lace.
Introducing Traditional Bedfordshire Lace in 20 Lessons by Barbara M Underwood

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About the author

Barbara Underwood has an established reputation as a teacher, lace-maker and designer. She has made a special study of the fine traditional laces of the English East Midlands and has played a leading role in teaching and promoting them.

Press Reviews

'... contains exceptionally attractive patterns which would give any aspiring lacemaker quite a 'buzz' to have maee! By the time she has finished all the lessons she will hve complete floral pieces with raised tallies ... this should become the standard text book... It is excellent...'

- Sue Goodman