Making Model Steam Boats

Stephen Bodiley
Making model steam boats provides everything you need to design, build and sail your own steam launch. Learn about all aspects of boat design, from the inner workings of the engine to the finishing coat of paint. Explore topics such as hull dynamics, propeller selection and boiler capability, along with information on engine performance, boiler safety and hull design. Follow the plans to build a simple screw-driven launch, a fast patrol boat or a twin cylinder paddle steamer. The technical information and theoretical calculations provided explain how boats are designed and allow builders to progress to creating their own models. Making a live steam model boat requires a broad range of skills including machining, silver-soldering, sheet metal work, woodwork and finishing. Part of the enjoyment of model boats comes from this variety of skills and all the required techniques are explained in full.
Making Model Steam Boats by Stephen Bodiley

About the author

Stephen Bodiley has a long-held interest in machining, modelling, and making things, but also a desire to share knowledge and help others learn. This knowledge-sharing extends to a website he has run for many years, helping others to acquire workshop skills, and providing free plans and advice. Stephen is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with the IMechE.

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