Bugatti Supercars

Lance Cole
In a fresh view of Bugatti, this book frames the design highlights of a series of Bugatti supercars that colour the marque’s journey from its origins as an early ‘supercar’ to its reborn reality as a modern ‘hypercar’. These Bugatti's have been chosen to tell a story that uniquely covers the original Bugatti's and the very latest iterations of Bugatti. Joining the two Bugatti camps, old and new, together creates a new roadmap of Bugatti coverage that is essential reading for both those familiar with the marque and for more recent Bugatti enthusiasts across a wider motoring landscape.
Blending engineering, styling, art and more, Bugatti’s unique story has stretched over one hundred years, giving us cars that capture the soul through exquisite engineering and design. Illustrated with stunning photographs, many of which are previously unpublished, the seasoned enthusiast, the established aficionado and the younger generation of Bugatti newcomers are provided with an up-to-date album of Bugatti information. The text is a guide by which to enter and explore Bugatti and also a conversation about Bugatti details and delights for those with deeper knowledge of the marque.
Bugatti Supercars by Lance Cole

About the author

Having trained in art, photography, and industrial, interior and automotive design, Lance Cole switched to writing (as the 1983 Sir William Lyons Scholar) and has subsequently spent over thirty years writing about design, cars, and aircraft for many transport publications. He has also worked as a news and geo-political reporter worldwide for major newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph, The Independent and The South China Morning Post, and has also run PR for some famous names and academic bodies. After a period in broadcast media, his passion remains art and design and studying Bugatti. A Bugatti Trust member and Bugatti Owners Club member, with a total of over 20 published books. His interests include gliding, horse riding, painting, photography and travelling in Africa and the Australian Outback.

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