Range Rover Specification Guide

James Taylor
This book is designed to give guidance on the original, ex-factory specifications of the first-generation Range Rovers built between 1970 and 1996. Sometimes known as Range Rover Classics (although the only ones properly so called were built after autumn 1994), these models laid the foundations for the following generations of Land Rover’s world-acclaimed Range Rover. Many of these early Range Rovers fell on hard times as they passed on to third, fourth and subsequent owners. Many were butchered beyond recognition when converted into off-road playthings. But now, more than a quarter of a century since the last examples were built, it is no surprise that enthusiasts have begun to restore examples to their original condition. This has created a demand for accurate information about what that original condition actually was. James Taylor has trawled painstakingly through original documents and examined original vehicles to put together all the known facts in one place. This guide will be essential reading for everyone with an interest in restoring or running one of these iconic models that became the foundation of today’s Land Rover marque.
Range Rover Specification Guide by James Taylor

About the author

James Taylor has been writing professionally about cars since the late 1970s, and his interests embrace a wide range of older cars of all makes and nationalities, as well as classic buses, lorries and military vehicles. He has written several books about BMW cars within a portfolio that now consists of well over 130 books. Many of these have been definitive one-make or one-model titles, including a number for Crowood. He has also written for enthusiast magazines in several countries, has translated books from foreign languages, and makes sure he always has something old and interesting in the garage.

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