Seasonal Planting in Garden Design

Catherine Heatherington
Our gardens evolve in a constant cycle of emerging, flowering, retreating and renewal. Designing a garden in harmony with the seasons celebrates the aesthetics of each month, creating a garden that not only benefits the people and wildlife that inhabit it but nurtures the planet by encouraging biodiversity and climate-adaptive planting. In this book, Catherine Heatherington emphasises the need for observation and flexibility in designing our gardens by taking an ecological perspective on how to unite design principles with eco-friendly planting strategies. Using the timely and skilled advice in this book, you can discover how to design and plant your garden to offer successive shades of colour, texture, and form throughout the seasons and for many years to come.
Seasonal Planting in Garden Design by Catherine Heatherington

About the author

Catherine Heatherington is a garden designer and consultant with a PhD from the University of Sheffield. She is the author of several books about landscape. Along with Alex Johnson, Catherine is a co-founder of DesignWild Associates, a design practice that integrates design with ecology to create exciting gardens that encourage wildlife into even the smallest of urban spaces.

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