Photographing Nature in Action

Arnold Wilson
This new book explains how to take great shots of animals moving in water, land and air, as well as perhaps less obvious plant movement. The main topics covered include the functions of your camera, and the fundamentals of good photography; setting up and taking photos in the field, as well as using a flight tunnel, aquariam and microscope; details of the set-up, lighting, background, lens aperture, shutter speed and ISO setting are also covered. Finally, information is given on the natural history and biology of the organisms to give a greater appreciation of the photographs. This is essential reading for everyone who wants to capture exquisite shots of nature in action.
Photographing Nature in Action by Arnold Wilson

About the author

Arnold Wilson was a professional biologist, who now combines his in-depth knowledge of nature with his passion for photography. He regularly writes for the photography press and has won several leading competitions, including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the BBC Countryfile Photographer of the Year.